24 August 2017

Laservision Mega Media has been recognised and awarded on the international stage; receiving two Gold and one Silver Stevie Awards in the 14th Annual International Business Awards (IBA). Taking top honours for ‘Creative Department of the Year’ and ‘Technical Innovation of the Year’ for its work in the entertainment industry and continued advancement in Mega Media technologies. Laservision was also awarded a Silver award as ‘Creative Team of the Year’ for the creation of their latest Multi-media Spectacular installation in Dubai, ‘Imagine’.

Shannon Brooks, Laservision’s newly appointed CEO and General Manager overseeing the creation and installation of ‘Imagine’ said, “We are exceptionally proud of our creative and technical teams here at Laservision. Being honoured by the IBA affirms that we are continuing to bring the best Mega Media entertainment to the world. We wouldn’t be able to do that without our incredibly talented and forward thinking creative and technical teams. Our ability to dream big, develop new and innovative technologies and deliver projects on-time-on-budget is a key factor why clients choose Laservision to create the largest multi-media spectaculars in the world.”

Laservision’s award-winning creative team is recognised for its innovations in story-telling, industry leading creative techniques, high-quality productions, and its ability to portray stories in an immersive, and entertaining way.

Laservision’s recognition by the IBA follows the launch of its two-time, Guinness World Record-setting creation, ‘Imagine’ at Dubai Festival City, Dubai, UAE.

Dubai Festival City’s ‘Imagine’ set two Guinness World Records for “World’s Largest Permanent Projection Mapping” and ‘World’s Largest Water Screen Projection’ and has been running continuously, since opening in December of 2016.

Laservision: www.laservision.com.au


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