24 April 2014

TVOne C2-2855

TvOne has released a new hardware User Interface and corresponding software to run it. TvONE’s C2-2855 can be set-up and managed using either its new front panel or via a computer-based control panel that allows setup in less than one-third the time of the previous generation. The accompanying C2-2855 control software is available on several Windows PC OS platforms and interfaces directly with the unit. You can download the latest version directly from TvOne’s website. The OLED display intuitively guides users through setup and control using colour-modulated, backlit buttons. Alternatively, a graphic user interface for computer or tablet can be used to set up and control the unit remotely via IP. RS232 is also provided as a direct control interface for 3rd party control systems. The video performance of the C2-2855 is based on tvONE’s CORIO2 technology, which provides high quality bi-directional conversion and switching between a wide variety of analogue and digital video formats.

Australian Distributor: Corsair Solutions 1300 562 779 or www.corsairsolutions.com.au



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