LC100N Has Any In And Every Out

Lumens’ dual channel recorder & streaming media processor with NDI|HX support.


18 November 2022

Lumens Digital Optics Inc., has launched the LC100N Media Processor with NDI|HX protocol support. The LC100N is an all-in-one recording, streaming device, designed for use in education, worship, meetings, and events. It enables users to record, mix, and live stream 2 channels of HD video for output direct to screen, via content management systems, or over popular streaming platforms.

Steven Liang, Lumens‘ VP of Product Development commented: “This is a very powerful media processor with a range of inputs that few AV and broadcast products can match. The unit can connect to HDMI, SDI, RTSP, NDI|HX, USB, and XLR sources which gives users incredible flexibility.”

Compatible with popular content management systems including Panopto, Kaltura, and Opencast, Lumens LC100N can be integrated into an enterprise-wide media solution. Its support for NDI|HX means that the device can be installed on existing IP networks, sharing resources and video over the LAN. The system can also be controlled and managed over the same Ethernet network. LC100N is compatible with the Lumens Deployment Tool software which enables centralised control, management, and administration of multiple LC100N units on the network. Administrators can remotely monitor device status and automate production schedules, saving time and reducing costs.

Users have multiple local control options; the on-board GUI Director turns the device into a live production switcher by simply plugging in a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. The LC100N also supports quick control using the fascia buttons and Lumens’ LC-RC01 Remote Control Panel.

Recordings can be captured internally to an internal 2TB hard drive for secure local storage, with support for automated transfer of data to USB drives, NAS, and FTP servers.

Lumens: mylumens.com
Australian Distributor: corsairsolutions.com.au


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