28 April 2017

At NAB 2017, Leyard and Planar introduces the industry’s first seamless LED touch-enabled videowall. The Leyard LED MultiTouch brings advanced interactivity to fine pitch LED videowalls, opening up LED display technology to a wide variety of collaborative applications that, until now, were the sole domain of LCD displays. Leyard LED MultiTouch offers a seamless touch experience for LED video walls up to 196-inch diagonal with high resolution 1.2mm pixel pitch. The Leyard LED MultiTouch allows up to 32 simultaneous touch points so multiple users can interact with the display at the same time. The display also features PLTS technology for an anti-glare surface that eliminates the reflections that can occur in well-lit environments. The lightweight touch surface is extremely durable and can easily be removed and reapplied for servicing or cleaning. Steve Seminario, VP of product marketing at Leyard and Planar, said, “With Leyard LED MultiTouch, we are able to provide the fully integrated and seamless touch experience customers have asked for, without compromising performance or increasing cost-of-ownership.”

Planar: www.planar.com
Midwich: www.midwich.com.au


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