LG Versatile & Ultra Slim DVLED Displays

Expanded portfolio features easy, customisable setup for variety of indoor settings; Versatile for easy install, Ultra Slim for close up


15 February 2021

LG Business Solutions has unveiled two new indoor direct-view light-emitting diode (DVLED) display series, the Versatile LSCA and the Ultra Slim LSCB, which will offer flexible, high-performing and easy-to-install options ideal for indoor environments such as office lobbies, shopping malls, hotels, transit hubs and stadiums.

“Our new Versatile and Ultra Slim displays mark an important expansion of LG’s already robust DVLED offerings, and their introduction is very timely as various indoor venues prepare to engage stakeholders in dramatic ways, post-COVID,” said Dan Smith, vice president, business development, LG Business Solutions USA. “Installers and end-users will find these models offer incredible versatility, easy installation, and minimal maintenance, all with exceptional display performance sure to captivate viewers.”

Both the LSCA and LSCB will ship with LG’s new CVCA controller and webOS Signage platform. This will deliver advanced viewing options from multiple inputs and simplified system control. LG’s webOS Signage smart platform features a Quad-Core System-on-Chip design that can execute several tasks to provide smooth content playback from baseband-connected high-resolution video sources, the built-in media player, or the built-in video streaming decoder. The controller also has 3.6GB of storage for applications and content and a TV-style remote control with an intuitive user interface that puts system and image control in the palm of your hand.

The Versatile LSCA Series is designed for fixed installation and provides users with a DVLED option ideal for larger public installations and with a viewing distance of 15 feet or more – such as transit hubs, stadiums, and other larger venues – thanks to pixel pitch models of 2.97mm or 3.91mm with a capability of 1,000 nits of brightness. Offered in both 1:1 (500 mm square) and 2:1 (500mm x 1000mm rectangle) cabinet options, the square and rectangle cabinets can be mixed and matched for greater customisation. Magnets on the top and bottom, positioning pins, handles and fast locks on the cabinets help installers easily set up and dismantle without additional tools, features that are especially valuable to installers working with rentals or in staging where fast installation and cleanup is imperative. For easy maintenance or service, the cabinets also offer either front access or rear access, allowing customers to choose installation options according to their environment.

The Ultra Slim LSCB Series – ideal for close-up viewing such as shopping malls, board rooms and hotel lobbies and designed specifically to be flexible for rentals and staging – features three DVLED models with pixel pitches of 1.56mm, 1.88mm and 2.50mm. The display combines an incredibly low-profile and lightweight design with an edge thickness of 37.5mm making it ideal for spaces where space is a concern. The display is capable of 800 nits of brightness and uses the widely used 16:9 aspect ratio, minimising time and costs associated with content redevelopment. The cabinet also offers front servicing, making for easy maintenance. The Ultra Slim LSCB Series is EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) Class B certified, meaning it is not only perfect for industrial environments, but it also passes the even stricter emissions standards for residential areas. Thus, the EMC rating does not limit where the LSCB can be installed.

Each model also has an optional add-on 90-degree corner design feature that minimises discontinuity of content displayed around corners — creating a nearly seamless display connection at wall corners.

Both new series are available with LG’s trio of customer care services:

  • LG ExtendedCare Warranty: LG’s extended warranty which can give up to five years coverage
  • LG ConnectedCare Remote Monitoring: LG’s network-based solution that allows remote system monitoring
  • LG TotalCare Health Checks: LG’s twice-per-year, on-site health check and system inspection

These models also are part of LG’s new pre-configured DVLED display lineup which, for a limited time, includes all three of the above services free of charge.

“LG understands the value it can bring resellers and end-users when working from the consulting stage through to the installation of hardware,” Smith emphasised. “LG has built a dynamic DVLED team that aims to be a partner for our clients, supporting them as needed every step of the way, from providing expert insights into best practices to efficient troubleshooting should any issues arise post-installation.”


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