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18 August 2014



Logitech’s Lifesize division has hammered another nail in the coffin of expensive videoconferencing hardware with the launch of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) video collaboration offering, connecting anyone using smartphones, tablets, laptop and especially conference rooms. Lifesize Cloud is purpose-built for organisations of any size to implement an affordable, simple and scalable video conferencing solution with little to no need for IT involvement.

“The demand for video communication in business is skyrocketing, driven primarily by free, consumer-focused applications,” says Lifesize founder and CEO Craig Malloy. “As a result, users now expect to have the same simple experience in the office, connected across laptops and mobile devices. Lifesize delivers a way to completely, cost effectively and efficiently enable every person in your company with the highest quality video collaboration. We are able to do this because we have spent the last 11 years building an innovative product portfolio with all of the pieces necessary for this vision to come to life.”

Key features include:

  • Choose your own device: works seamlessly with smartphones, laptops, tablets and telephones through the Lifesize Cloud app
  • Lifesize Icon room video system works right out of the box: connect to the network and log in
  • Unlimited guest capability to connect with individuals outside of an organisation
  • Shared internal company directory: the directory auto-populates instantly on every device used
  • Fully loaded features: click to call, check presence status, connect instantly or in scheduled calls, have single and group calls, share presentations
  • Fully interoperable: up to 25-way calls in HD video or audio for every user and virtual meeting (admins no longer need to manage scarce multiparty bridging ports)
  • Flexible subscription plan for all sizes of teams and budgets: invite new users to a Web login to scale instantly

“There is no question that video collaboration is aggressively moving toward the cloud, while the customer need for affordable room video systems and a more simplified user experience continues to surge. Lifesize has nailed this user need with the introduction of Lifesize Cloud… By integrating its conference room video system with an intuitive, feature-rich hosted cloud infrastructure, it is clear that Lifesize continues to innovate.”
– Roopam Jain, industry director of enterprise communications and collaboration, Frost & Sullivan

“Lifesize Cloud provides a superior solution compared to other tools I have used in the past. One persistent challenge in the IT field is how to maximise resources while minimising complexity on both the administrator and user side. After testing Lifesize Cloud over the past several months, it has become clear that Plexus would significantly benefit from a SaaS-based video environment, and we are looking forward to replacing our legacy hardware room video systems with lower-cost Icon systems and integrating them with Lifesize Cloud.”
– Robb Szymik, IT and AV global system administrator, Plexus. 

Source: media release




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