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LonCloud Monitoring


18 February 2014

Medialon LonCloud screengrab


Medialon has announced two new products, LonCloud and Overture. LonCloud is a new web service to monitor critical data of audiovisual installations equipped with a Medialon Controller. Critical data, such as lamp hour usage of video projectors or video server operations, are permanently monitored by Medialon Controllers. Now it is possible to regularly send snapshots of those values to the LonCloud service where users can monitor the data in real time and set up thresholds to send alarms to technicians so they can act before equipment fails. LonCloud is designed for integrators and offers several levels of access rights, allowing professionals to set up LonCloud monitoring for their customers and resell the monitoring services. LonCloud, as a web service with an easy-to-use graphical interface, also offers a diagnosis tool to compare data values across time, such as room temperature and correlated projector lamp failures. The data is permanently stored in the LonCloud service, so statistics about long-term system usage can be observed. For security, Medialon controllers encrypt outbound connections to the LonCloud servers.

The second new product, Overture software, centralises audiovisual control throughout an entire building with the aim of reducing hardware need and programming time. The full integration with information technology and building management systems allows better security and energy saving. The use of Internet compatible technology and data collection helps IT departments to manage large systems. The design allows connecting and controlling all audiovisual equipment from a central point, including new generation audiovisual devices such as video conferencing software, using the IT infrastructure and building management system. In other words, it provides connectivity between the “different worlds” and makes the audiovisual system part of the smart building. Medialon Overture is designed to control thousands of devices and offers user interfaces via web technology and iOS/Android apps.

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