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Lumens & Netgear Interoperability

Announcement powering Lumens cameras with Netgear AV switches.


4 August 2023

Lumens Digital Optics Inc. has announced interoperability with Netgear AV switches, enabling easier deployment of AV devices over IP networks. Netgear and Lumens have certified the popular M4250 and M4300 series switches to work seamlessly with IP-connected Lumens products, including models that leverage NDI|HX, high bandwidth NDI and Dante AV-H standards.

Using Netgear Engage, which is built into the Netgear AV switches and offered as a standalone application, configuration profiles help integrators optimise switches for AV over IP. The installer selects the type of AV over IP and the applicable ports and the Netgear switch then automatically sets the optimal configuration parameters.

“Netgear has long been recognised for the quality and reliability of its network equipment. Now with this new generation of fully managed switches, Netgear reduces AV installation times, providing a stable environment for Lumens IP cameras, media processors and AV over IP devices,” commented Steven Liang, Head of Product Development at Lumens Digital Optics Inc.

Richard Jonker, VP Commercial Business Development at Netgear said, “Our worldwide partnership with Lumens started over two years ago with cross-certification of Lumens cameras with our AV Line switches. It grew into a deeper collaboration where Netgear AV switches are powering Lumens cameras in commercial AV, education, and broadcast applications all over the world. We could not be happier with such a respected industry partner teaming up with us to make AV-over-IP easy.”

Netgear AV switches also support the many Lumens products that require PoE, PoE+ and PoE++. This includes Lumens OIP encoders and camera systems that may be required to run 24/7. The switches also support the myriad of streaming formats, control protocols and secure transmission standards that are core to the Lumens IP ecosystem.

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Issue 26