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Lumens VC-TR1 PTZ Camera

PTZ Camera That Tracks It All; Offers Automatic Switching Between Zoom And Wide Angle Lenses, Comprehensive Tracking Modes


9 February 2021

Lumens release the VC-TR1 PTZ camera with automatic presenter tracking, self switching between panoramic and 20x zoom camera and PoE. Automate live and on-demand video production and streaming for lecture capture, corporate training, house of worship and presentations.

Tracking modes include:

  • Stage Tracking
    Focuses on a presenter standing on a stage or behind a lectern and tracks the speaker’s movement across the stage area.
  • Everywhere Tracking
    With this mode, the camera will follow the speaker even if they leave the stage to interact with the audience. The system will maintain the tracking even if the speaker is obscured by other people.
  • Partition Tracking
    Creates up to four preset zones to allow a presenter to move in a specific area. The camera will capture both the content on the display and the presenter.
  • Super Tracking
    This mode intelligently combines all of the modes above, enabling the speaker to present formally or interact with panelists and the audience.                                                                              

Smart Self-Switching

The VC-TR1 combines a PTZ camera and a fixed 112° panoramic camera. With this design, it can capture an entire view and track a speaker simultaneously. The device can switch instantly between the two cameras. Audiences see not only a presenter but also the content on a whiteboard or presentation material. The PTZ lens of the VC-TR1 provides a 20x optical zoom, with clear video, and exceptional optical accuracy at 1080p resolution.

The VC-TR1 supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) and IP streaming to simplify AV integration. No camera controller is required.

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Issue 27