10 April 2014

Riedel MediorNet2 Update for web


Riedel Communications has revealed its MediorNet 2.0 update with added benefits including full video router functionality, seamless interoperability with Studer consoles, EMBER+ implementation, and extended integration of the ProBel protocol. The video router functionality provides switching delays of less than 40 milliseconds, as well as high-speed rerouting that allows as many as 1,000 connections to be rerouted in less than a second. Simple drag-and-drop routing of multiple connections speeds configurations, and users now have the option to delete multiple selected connections at once. The firmware update also supports more than 65,000 ProBel crosspoints. The Studer A-Link compatibility enables the MediorNet Modular frame to act as a decentralized audio router with a matrix size larger than 25,000 and fully redundant interfaces. At the same time, MediorNet fully supports EMBER+ for integration with other common control systems. Additional features that come with MediorNet 2.0 include a timecode display, an LTC input and sample rate conversion on both optical MADI ports of MediorNet Compact systems.

Australian Distributor: Riedel Communications Australia (02) 9699 1199 or www.riedel.net


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