Mersive Announces New Products for Corporate & Education Markets


26 February 2020

Mersive Technologies announced two innovative new products at Integrated Systems Europe 2020. One product integrates third-party video conferencing services with Solstice, Mersive’s in-room wireless collaboration platform. For the education market, Mersive launched a software-based active learning solution that significantly improves the ease of use and reduces the costs associated with traditional active learning buildouts.

Mersive’s video conferencing integration product solves the problem of suboptimal meetings for in-room participants when video conferencing is being used. Video conferencing offers an easy way for remote participants to join a meeting but lacks robust content-sharing capabilities offered by in-room wireless collaboration solutions. Mersive has developed a reliable, secure, and vendor-agnostic method of bridging Solstice’s in-room content sharing to remote participants using the video conferencing platform of choice. This new product unifies video conferencing with Solstice’s best-in-class in-room wireless collaboration and eliminates network resource inefficiencies and cumbersome workflows associated with multiple users joining a video conference from the same meeting room.

Mersive’s solution for active learning leverages Solstice as a well-established teaching and learning platform and adds the ability for a faculty member to actively route video feeds among team table displays during learning sessions. The development will allow educational institutions to realise the potential of active learning through an intuitive user experience and an affordable price. Active learning is a proven methodology that improves student engagement and retention and is strongly correlated with higher graduation rates. To date, active learning’s high cost and inefficient workflow has kept adoption rates low, due to custom hardware and specialised programming required for each active learning space. Mersive’s active learning solution addresses these challenges through a software-based approach to significantly reduce deployment cost and complexity. Mersive’s solution leverages Solstice Pods attached to displays at each team table and the primary display at the front of the room. This solution takes the burden of cost and configuration off administrators and gives faculty and students the proven power of active learning through an intuitive software application that delivers the full power of the active learning model. 

These two new products continue Mersive’s legacy of disruptive innovation, which began with the launch of the Solstice wireless collaboration platform in 2013. These products represent the company’s most disruptive and groundbreaking innovations since its founding.

Mersive: www.mersive.com
Australian Distributor: www.midwich.com.au


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