Mersive Solstice Update

Solstice Version 5.3.4 now available adding security and stability improvements; significantly improved Miracast streaming performance


2 September 2021

Mersive announces Solstice version 5.3.4 update. The new release adds security patches and stability improvements for the Solstice Pod and significantly improves Miracast streaming performance and reliability. Mersive strongly recommends upgrading Pods to software version 5.3.4 to benefit from the latest fixes and enhancements.

Release Notes

  • New security patches have been added for the Solstice Pod.
  • Significant Miracast performance upgrades have been added to improve the stability and user experience of using Miracast to wirelessly mirror a Windows device screen to Solstice, including:
    • More reliable connection initiation when using Miracast sharing over WiFi Direct mode.
    • Faster cycle times after a user disconnects so they can reconnect to the Solstice Pod faster.
    • Prevention of users from accidentally launching multiple Miracast sessions to the same Pod on the same laptop.
  • Improved handling of multiple Miracast connections simultaneously from multiple user laptops.
  • Stability improvements have been made for the Solstice Pod, including fixes for Pods encountering issues when rebooted.
  • Improved playback of certain HTML digital signage feeds.
  • Occupancy counting now consistently turns off and allows the Solstice Conference session to start.
  • MSI and SCCM installers now successfully hide conference options from the Solstice app if the ‘Hide Solstice Conference’ option is selected.

Mersive: mersive.com
Australian Distributor: midwich.com.au


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