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3 April 2017

midwich concierge

Midwich ANZ is proud to announce a new vendor partnership with Concierge, an Australian company specialising in digital room booking systems.

Concierge was birthed out of the industry’s need for an intuitive, easily-integrated meeting room management system. The company’s Meeting Room Displays offer flexible solutions to handle all room booking requirements with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. Hundreds of offices and corporate spaces around Australia benefit daily from Concierge systems.

The Concierge Display touchscreen product can operate in stand-alone mode, or integrated with Microsoft Exchange, Google GSuite, and Office 365 software. Web-based configuration means rapid setup, and the PoE-supported panel is easily flush- or window- mounted outside a meeting room for effortless booking and occupancy readouts via the 10.1-inch display. Other products include a Media Player and Summary Display with full HD resolutions and HDMI video outputs.

Michael Broadbent, Managing Director, Midwich ANZ notes, “Given the increasing demands for efficiency and usability in today’s corporate environments, the Concierge solution is an invaluable offering to the AV market. We look forward to presenting Concierge’s solutions to our client base and new customers alike.”

Damien Vanslambrouck, Sales Manager at Concierge, says, “We are excited to partner with Midwich ANZ in seeing Concierge’s unique solutions gain the exposure they deserve in the Australian market.”

Concierge: www.conciergedisplays.com.au
Midwich ANZ: www.midwich.com.au


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