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29 May 2014

MinivatorII for web

The Minivator II from Matthews Studio Equipment (MSE) is the long-awaited stronger and taller version of their Minivator stand, first introduced over a decade ago. MSE’s goal with the Minivator II was to increase the payload and extend the maximum height from the much-loved Minivator, without sacrificing strength, safety or stability.  Minivator II features a double cable mechanism that will keep both risers traveling at equal proportions with each turn  of the handle, allowing for firm and steady movement of any lighting fixture attached (38 turns will take the fixture to the full height). The addition of combo dual- purpose top castings allows for use of both Junior pin and Baby receiver fixtures. The 21.8kg Minivator II with its 1500mm footprint, reaches a maximum height of 3600mm, with a load height of 1400mm and a maximum load of 36.4kg.

Australian Distributor: Barbizon Australia www.barbizon.com.au or (02) 9550 4299


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