Mongolia’s Best Club Gets Better

ITC Solutions delivers invigorating entertainment experience at Mongolia’s biggest night club using the latest technologies from Harman Professional Solutions.


19 June 2020

To elevate its venue with world-class sound quality and provide guests a memorable clubbing experience, Eon Clublex Ulaanbaatar recently upgraded to a Harman Professional audio solution.

Known as the ultimate clubbing and partying destination, Eon Clublex Ulaanbaatar is Mongolia’s biggest night club. It consists of the main hall, a VIP lounge and a first-floor lounge. To further enhance the guest experience, the club entrusted ITC Solutions to deliver a premium audio system that provides exceptional sound performance.

“The venue needed a robust audio system that delivers even sound coverage and produces a high-end clubbing atmosphere,” said a spokesperson at ITC Solutions. “We wanted a partner that could set up an ideal audio solution and extend reliable customer service post-installation—that’s why we chose Harman.”

Meeting the club’s audio expectations, ITC Solutions deployed JBL VRX 932LA and VRX928S line array loudspeakers, which feature Constant Curvature Waveguide technology to deliver pristine sound quality and unprecedented array coherence. The system also features JBL SRX815P self-powered loudspeakers, SRX818SP subwoofers, Control HST speakers, 8124 in-ceiling loudspeakers as well as the JBL VMA 2120 mixer to provide exceptional sound across the venue.

To ensure optimum audio performance and appropriate sound levels throughout the club, the system includes Soundcraft Si Expression, EPM6 and FX16ii mixing consoles. In addition to powering the system with Crown Xti 4002, Xti 2002, XTii 6002 and MA 5000i amplifiers, ITC Solutions deployed BSS BLU networked audio systems and the dbx DriveRack PA2 loudspeaker management system to connect and fine-tune the expansive audio solution.

“We required a sound system that would create an unforgettable clubbing experience for our patrons. We also wanted to partner with a company that could provide dependable customer service after installation,” said a spokesperson at Eon Clublex Ulaanbaatar. “We had full confidence in the capabilities of ITC Solutions and Harman before the project, and we are highly satisfied with the solutions and support that we have received from them.”

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