21 February 2014

Leader Instruments LV5490


Leader has introduced new quality-control software, the Leader FS3140, which combines the waveform and vectorscope displays. Designed for use in analyzing file-based video and audio, it can be deployed on a web-based Windows server, allowing easy rollout across Windows, OS X or Linux environments. Control of the FS3140 is via an interface which allows QC parameters to be user-configured from a comprehensive portfolio of tests, many of which are unique to Leader. A test specification can quickly be imported into the FS3140 for customized content verification. Fault reporting is generated in XML for easy reading. An integral media player gives fast access to the exact frame where an issue is identified, allowing efficient fault inspection and analysis. A key feature of the FS3140 is its ability to identify issues which can be seen and heard. This is achieved using perception-based artifact detection, multi-level block-noise analysis, black-frame detection, freeze-frame detection, silence detection and filtered audio noise sensors.

Also new, Leader’s LV5490 multi-display picture and signal monitor, which was first introduced in 2013, is now fully deliverable and supports all video production and transmission resolutions in common use from 525 and 625 standard definition up to 3840 x 2160 and 4096 x 2160 4K.

Contact: Leader Instruments www.leader.co.jp


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