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MXL Audio Tracking System at Zoomtopia

The new system uses three MXL AC-44 compact USB microphones and harnesses Zoom’s unique audio tracking software to coordinate with an integrated camera that focuses in on speakers.


24 October 2019

MXL Microphones introduces a new and advanced “audio tracking” microphone system that will integrate with select Zoom-certified cameras for a heightened collaborative conferencing experience. The MXL Zoom Room Speaker Switch System debuted at Zoomtopia Show on Oct. 15-16.

The bundle consists of a three-microphone array utilising MXL’s new AC-44 miniature USB microphone, which boasts an extra-small footprint, (measuring only 2.50-inch x 3-inch), while delivering exceptional sound clarity in a wide pickup arc. The three AC-44s will be positioned in a Left, Right, and Center arrangement that automatically tracks to wherever each speaker is located. The integrated camera then focuses in on each speaker’s location based on the audio signals, creating a more dynamic and impactful Zoom conferencing experience.

The AC-44 uses MXL’s signature three-capsule boundary design to create a small microphone with a wide pickup arc, which makes it ideal for huddle room and conferencing applications. The MXL Zoom Rooms Speaker Switch System will come with an additional 4-port USB extension hub for easy set up and operation.

The MXL Zoom Rooms Speaker Switch System harnesses Zoom’s advanced internal audio processing software to track where the current speaker is coming from, and communicates this information to the integrated camera, for smooth and synchronous automatic panning that offers a noticeable improvement on the Zoom Room conferencing experience.

Sales Director for UCC MXL, Trevor Fedele, says that the new audio tracking system is a logical next step for MXL’s successful Zoom collaboration, and anticipates that MXL Microphones will become a growing solution for the next evolution of Zoom Rooms. “We’ve had great success with our collaboration with Zoom over the past year, and this new system only cements MXL as a true innovator in meeting room audio and the UCC market. We’re very excited to be working with Zoom on such cutting-edge collaborative technology, and we look forward to staying on the front lines of UCC as a premier audio solution.” 

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Issue 27