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22 January 2015

Versatile Mini Mic Mixer

Apart from being a tongue-twister, MXL’s new mini mic mixer offers digital and analogue outputs, accepts four mic inputs and is compatible with multiple devices. Launching at NAMM 2015, the MM-4000 works with DSLRs, mobile phones, tablets, and computers, allowing users to record audio to any of these devices using up to four electret mics simultaneously, essentially turning four analogue inputs into one analogue or digital output.

MXL-Mini-Mixer-+-2 MXL-Mini-Mixer-+


On one side, the mixer outputs analogue to any mobile device through a TRRS jack, and the included TRRS cable has the smallest available footprint in order to work with accessory cases. On the other side, the unit has a digital output that allows it to work with an iPhone or iPad using Apple’s camera adapter.

Key Features

  • Headphone jack for direct audio monitoring
  • USB for power and/or data
  • Line level out for mobile devices; record to mobile device and monitor audio from same jack
  • Adjustable output for line level
  • Multiple power options: 2 AA batteries or powered by USB bus into a wall adapter, USB battery pack or by a computer or mobile device
  • Low battery indicator
  • Turns all four inputs into mono out for computer or mobile device

The compact, portable unit comes with the following cables: TRRS to TRRS (analogue) for mobile devices, TRRS to TRS (analogue) for DSLRs, and mini USB to USB A (digital) for computers. Applications include interviews, live recording and USB web conferencing, and it is compatible with all MXL mobile media microphones. It will be available early this year for US $249.95.

POV Mic for GoPro

MXL is also launching its wearable GoLav mic, which records audio directly to GoPro cameras. The lavalier works with GoPro’s Hero3, Hero 3+ and Hero4 models, and has a rugged, low profile right angle connector that is compatible with the GoPro cases. It’s the first lavalier mic for GoPro that has the right angle mini USB connector built into the mic cable, so no adaptor is needed.



A foam windscreen is included to minimise wind noise and plosives, and a bonus fuzzy windscreen provides an extra layer of noise protection in very windy environments.

MXL sales and marketing director Perry Goldstein says, “The GoLav is really a point-of-view microphone to go with the world’s most popular point-of-view camera. It puts the mic closer to the user’s mouth to improve the audio quality. The GoLav lets GoPro users record their own commentary and reactions. Imagine giving the play-by-play while biking or skiing. The GoLav lets you narrate your adventures.”

The GoLav is an omni-directional microphone capable of picking up sound from all sides and it comes with a clip to secure it to clothing, along with 1.5m (5-foot) Mogami cable. Excess cable can easily be coiled around the camera or inside clothing.

The company says it is also releasing a microphone adapter (model MM-C003GP), which allows any mic with a 3.5mm connector to be used with the GoPro Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4 cameras.


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