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8 February 2015

Behringer XENYX QX602MP3 Mini Mixer


Behringer’s latest 6-input/2-bus ultra-compact mixer is packed with features: XENYX mic preamps with phantom power, British EQs, a multi-FX engine and an embedded MP3 player that gives instant access to audio files and playlists from a USB stick, for US $99.99.

Behringer Stage Boxes


Three new stage boxes for Behringer’s X32 digital console offer more flexibility in form factor and U/O options. The SD8 (8×8) and SD16 (16×8) provide Midas-designed remote controllable mic preamps, balanced analogue XLR returns at the stage end and an integrated Ultranet distribution hub for digital connection with Behringer’s P16-M personal monitor mixers as well as Turbosound’s networkable speaker systems. The S32 I/O interface expands on the S16, doubling the I/O in a rackmountable design with 32 of the Midas mic preamps, 16 XLR outs, two AES50 ports, MIDI I/O and dual ADAT outs. Pricing: SD8 US $599.99, SD16 US $799.99, S32 $1499.99.


Behringer HD UMC


Augmenting the U-Phoria UMC series of audio interfaces are three 192kHz HD models: the 2-in/2-out UMC202HD, the 2-in/4-out UMC204HD and the 4-in/4-out UMC404HD. Prices range from US $99.99 to $149.99.


Behringer X-Touch


Behringer’s X-Touch series is a trio of universal control surfaces: the full size X-Touch universal control service, the smaller Compact and the ultra-portable Mini. The controllers feature touch-sensitive motorised faders LCD scribble strips, rotary controls with LED collars and illuminated buttons for on-the-fly adjustments. All three support Mackie Control while the full size version adds support for HUI. Built-in Ethernet, USB and MIDI interfaces provide direct address to PCs or Macs, as well as MIDI devices and future X32 and X Air remote control. Prices range from US $99.99 to $599.99.


Midas M32


Midas has added the M32C and M32R digital consoles and the DL32 32 x 16 stage box to its M32 platform. Both consoles are 40-input, 25-bus digital mixers with a host of connectivity options, while the DL32 doubles the I/O of the DS16 in a 3U chasses with 32 Midas Pro mic preamps, 16 XLR outputs, two AES50 ports, AES/EBU stereo outputs, MIDI I/O and dual ADAP connectivity. Pricing: M32C US $999, M32R $2999, DS32 $1999.


Turbosound iNSPIRE



Turbosound has introduced its first modular column loudspeakers and subwoofers with its iNSPIRE series, featuring Klark Teknik Spatial Sound Technology, an onboard two-channel remote controllable digital mixer and Bluetooth audio streaming, all controllable via iPhone or iPad or locally via a dedicated LCD-based user-interface. The series comprises three full-range powered columns loudspeakers and two subwoofers with the optimised dispersion of Turbosound’s line-arrays in a lightweight vertical form factor. Prices range from US $499 to $799.


Turbosound iQ


Turbosound says the Acoustic Integration feature of its new iQ series is an industry first, enabling digital mixers, personal monitor systems and loudspeakers to communicate directly with each other via the company’s proprietary Ultranet technology – as is the sophisticated modelling capability that lets users call up preset frequency contours that emulate the sound of 10 iconic loudspeakers. The range comprises four two-ways and two subs, priced from US $549.99.


Turbosound iX


Turbosound’s new iX series of remote controllable mixing and streaming loudspeakers are equipped with onboard two-channel digital mixers that can be remote controlled via iPhone or iPad apps, or locally via a dedicated USB interface. The iX12 and iX15 also feature wireless Bluetooth audio streaming, and DSP presets optimised for a range of applications and speaker orientations. Pricing: iX12 US $349, iX15 $449.


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