4 February 2019

Riedel Communications announces that the National Theatre of Japan in Tokyo is using the Bolero wireless and Artist wired intercom systems across its two performance halls to enable flexible communications with crystal-clear audio quality. 

“The wireless intercoms we’ve used over the past 10 years were unstable and susceptible to radio interference and noise, so we started looking for a more reliable intercom system with greater RF robustness,” said Mr. Makoto Ishii, Deputy Manager of the Theatre Technical Department at the National Theatre of Japan. “After evaluating various intercom products for ease of installation, sound quality, and stable performance, we chose to invest in Riedel’s Artist and Bolero intercom systems. We’ve been pleased with new options the Bolero gives us, such as using our belt-pack speakers as a two-way radio when that’s a preferable alternative to using headsets.”

Two Artist systems with integrated Bolero wireless intercoms are designed to deliver reliable communications in both halls, connecting technical staff with their master control rooms (MCRs). With Bolero for its wireless intercom, the theatre is able to reduce the number of antennas required, as well as the time and cost required to install them. The cost savings allowed for purchase of an additional three belt-pack units, for a total of 13.

The theatre dedicates five belt-packs to staff in each hall, and another three belt-packs are used by management staff in the MCR. Each belt-pack has six channels, along with a point-to-point “call” feature to contact their MCR directly rather than rely on a phone. “The team at the National Theatre of Japan is committed to using the best technology to support its live productions, and Bolero is proving to be a great fit,” said Ms. Takako Konishi, Sales Manager at Riedel Communications Japan. “We are proud that our technology plays a vital role during the theatre’s renowned presentations of traditional Japanese performing arts.”

Riedel: www.riedel.net


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