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7 February 2019

Barix announces a new family of Linux-based Barionet control, automation and IoT devices, new paging and audio distribution technologies and advancements in their RetailPlayer multi-site background music streaming solution. 

Expanded Barionet Range
Barix’s new Barionet devices combine the power and flexibility of the universal, programmable Barionet platform with the simplicity of Lua programming and a cloud-based code deployment solution. Barix will offer a complete range of Lua-capable and FLEXA-compatible Barionet models, enabling developers to choose exactly the right device for their application based on their required interfaces and advanced features. Lua and FLEXA support will be available on the new Barionet 200, Barionet 400 and Barionet 1100 –all premiering at ISE –and will be added to the existing Barionet 1000 model. The quartet of products provides a flexible choice of interfaces including analog and digital I/Os, relays, USB, WiFi, LoRa, CAN, Dallas 1-Wire and more, along with integration features such as Power over Ethernet (PoE). The new Barionet models support both IPv4 and IPv6, and meet all modern security requirements. 

New Technologies
As well as these products, Barix will be showcasing a technology preview of paging and intercom enhancements. From low-latency, in-venue audio delivery on mobile devices to simplifying internal and internet radio streaming, Barix’s latest solutions enable customers to efficiently and affordably move high-quality audio within and beyond today’s rapidly-evolving AV environments. 

Building on the proven benefits of its earlier solutions for seamlessly blending IP audio and digital signage, Barix’s AudioPoint 3.0 audio-to-mobile platform enables streaming to as many as 250 simultaneous mobile listeners with the lowest possible latency. Combining powerful new hardware with iOS and Android apps, AudioPoint 3.0 streams audio to smartphones and mobile devices over local Wi-Fi in near-perfect synchronization with associated displays. 

While AudioPoint 3.0 focuses on providing the lowest possible audio delay for direct-to-mobile applications, Barix’s new Instreamer ICE encoder is designed to maximise receiver compatibility for broader, HTTP-based audio distribution over the internet or internal networks to any browser or mobile device. The Instreamer ICE is a specialised model in Barix’s popular Instreamer family that is tailored for Icecast-based streaming applications such as internet radio, intranet audio delivery, background music and multi-site audio distribution where latency is less critical. 

Enhancements to RetailPlayer System
Barix also introduces new advances in its next-generation RetailPlayer multi-site background music streaming solution. The company will demonstrate many new features that simplify operation, streamline management across large numbers of endpoints, enhance the system’s resilience to network connectivity issues, and enable ‘drop-in’ integration into workflows based on earlier Barix solutions. 

Two new capabilities reinforce RetailPlayer’s fault tolerance for connectivity issues. Stream failover automatically switches to another stream if the current one is interrupted, while a playlist with music files can now be pre-loaded into the hardware endpoints for local failover.

Multi-unit configuration is streamlined with enhanced hierarchical management, allowing users to apply changes at any layer of the organisational tree in one simple step. For example, if a customer changes stream providers, the administrator can simply drop a new list of channels at the right level of the hierarchy to update the stream URLs across all subordinate players –avoiding the need to reconfigure hundreds of player units individually. Branch operation of local players is also simplified, with customers able to scan a QR code on the device to control features such as switching between streaming channels through their smartphone. 

Visit Barix at stand 8-G275 – ISE 2019.

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