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New CORIOmaster Module & Features

CORIOmaster family evolves with new 4K60 output module, plus new firmware & software for CORIOmaster, mini & micro.


24 September 2021

New Dual HDMI 4K60 Output Module

tvONE’s 4K60 output module will give a smoother, more immersive video experience for up to 14 outputs for high-end LED installations, projection edge blends, or monitor walls.

The new module will also include 4K60 output cloning or for dual, independent 4K30 outputs for up to 28 displays.

New Version of CORIOgrapher Control Software

Stay tuned for the latest version of our CORIOgrapher setup and control software for CORIOmaster2, CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini, and CORIOmaster micro.

The newest version of software will include enhanced preset management, which saves time by automatically including newly added windows to existing presets and a cleaner look and feel for simpler creation of display layouts.

tvONE: tvone.com
Australian Distributor: corsairsolutions.com.au


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