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New Just Add Power 3G Thin Two-Gang HDMI Wall Plate Transmitter Now Shipping

Device Features Slim 1.5-Inch Depth for Flexible Installation and Modular Design for Field Servicing


17 December 2019

Just Add Power (J+P) announces that its new third generation (3G) thin two-gang HDMI wall plate transmitter is now shipping. The VBIS-HDIP-707WP2 allows users to easily incorporate laptops and other HDMI devices as sources for their Ultra HD over IP systems while offering a depth of only 1.5 inches to provide integrators with flexible installation options.

“With its slim design, our new two-gang wall plate is ideal for the thin walls common in international installations, while providing integrators with the flexibility of table or podium mounting,” said Taft Stricklin, sales team manager at J+P. “In addition, the thin wall plate features a field-serviceable modular design, making it easy to service with a screwdriver in the event of damage.”

Offering ultra-low latency, the VBIS-HDIP-707WP2 wall plate distributes Ultra HD and 4K video with HDCP 2.2 over a single Cat-5e cable and supports HDMI 2.0 devices and all lossless multichannel audio formats. Additional features include CEC control, image pull, and Plug-Play-Present functionality for effortless connection of HDMI sources. To match any décor, the unit’s faceplate is available in black, white, or custom colours.

As with all models in the J+P lineup, the 3G wall plate integrates seamlessly with any generation of the company’s products, allowing integrators to build a future-proof infrastructure that suits any application requirement.

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Issue 27