New MBX Streaming Audio Solutions


26 June 2019

Dedicated to professional grade wireless streaming for home or commercial use, our all-new MBX-AMP and MBX-PRE provide high-resolution music performance, sure to please not just music lovers but integrators alike. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability, customers can easily access, play, and control music in any room of the house, while allowing integrators the versatility of utilising the amplified or non-amplified version, depending on the needs of a zone. And now with the ability to take voice commands from Amazon Alexa and Google Home, these new streaming products are a welcome addition to any customer’s home or office entertainment functionality.

Different zones require different equipment, and with the MBX-AMP and MBX-PRE models, you have the flexibility to use them as needed on a room-by-room basis for up to 32 zones. Choose the MBX-PRE to easily add the best in streaming audio sources to any amplifier, receiver, or multi-room audio system, and use the MBX-AMP to power your favourite speakers in any room, or even integrate it with your TV to use your best speakers with your TV, too. One thing’s for sure, these robust and compact streamers won’t disappoint in any location.

With the new MBX streamers, music content from a smart phone, tablet, or any mobile device is instantly available at the tap of a fingertip with the free MyRussound App. The new MBX streamers are the best solution to empower your customers with the best of high-res audio content from any of their favourite online sources, including Spotify, Deezer, Pandora Tidal among other.

Russound: www.russound.com
Australian Distributor: www.avation.com.au


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