New Panasonic Short-Throw Lens With Zero Offset

New ET-D3QW200 lens for 50,000 lumen PT-RQ50K3-Chip DLP Projector displays 4K images from floor to ceiling with zero screen offset.


2 June 2021

The Panasonic ET-D3QW200 lens dissolves the barrier between audience and content with immersive Native 4K image reproduction at vast scale, free from shadows and at short throw-distances. To simplify installation and enhance visuals in areas with limited space, this flexible lens equips powered optical zoom and wide-range V/H Lens-Shift functions, while its short throw-ratio and L-shaped design reduce installation depth.

Lifelike Native 4K Images

From single large-scale projections to 360° panoramas, this new lens gives projection designers the freedom to realise their vision. Short throw-ratio (0.55–0.65:1, Native 4K, 4096 x 2160) translates into a projection distance of about 4,370mm (172in) for a 350-inch image. Viewers can approach to within about 1.8m (5.9ft) of the screen without casting a shadow. Using wide-range powered Vertical Lens-Shift (-8%, +50%), installers can remove screen offset and position the top and bottom of the image to meet ceiling and floor for gap-free coverage over walls. Short throw-ratio with zero screen offset contributes to seamless image presentation and deeper immersion.

Flexibility for Streamlined Installation

Combined with an extra short throw-ratio for a 50,000-lm-class lens, the L-shaped design reduces installation depth. This depth-saving can make high-brightness image projection possible in areas otherwise too narrow to accommodate a 50,000lm projector. Furthermore, the lens simplifies and expedites projector installation with image position easily adjusted after the projector is fixed in place.

This latest addition completes the full line-up of UST lenses across the entire Panasonic projector ranges of LCD, 1-Chip DLP and 3-Chip DLP, ensuring support for installation requirements with any projector brightness.


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