25 March 2014

SL Wash 350-01


Philips Showline has unveiled the SL NITRO 510C, demoing the unit’s full RGBW capabilities within the same compact fixture as the SL NITRO 510 while maintaining similar output, multiple zone control and continuous-on abilities. Similar to the SL NITRO 510, a quick-connect systems allows SL NITRO 510C units to connect together easily top-to-bottom and side-by-side. In addition, the form factor of the SL NITRO 510C matches the SL NITRO 510 and the SL BAR 520, so the three luminaires can be interconnected. Six zones of control allow flexibility, while built-in chases aid in creativity and simplicity. With over 50,000 lumens of output, the SL NITRO 510C rivals conventional fixed white strobes.

Also released were the SL eSTROBE 130, SL ePAR 180 luminaires and the Showline SL WASH 350. The SL eSTROBE 130 utilizes 576 cool white LEDs to deliver an output of 28000 lumens. The SL ePAR 180 luminaire has 19 homogenized RGBW LEDs to produce over 4400 lumens of output. The SL WASH 350 delivers an extremely bright homogenous beam with a large zoom range. The luminaire’s 19 RGBW 15-watt LEDs deliver over 5,800 lumens of output and an extremely wide colour palette. The large motorized zoom range of 8° to 40° provides designers with the freedom to use the SL WASH 350 as a special or as a wash luminaire.

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