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Nexo’s Smallest Speaker Yet


7 August 2020

Despite regulations constraining its production processes, NEXO is ready to unveil a product that confirms that good things do, in fact, come in small packages. The smallest loudspeaker design in the company’s 40-year history, the new ID14, and its S108 partner subbass, are the latest additions to the acclaimed ID Series of high-power compact cabinets. Like the larger ID24, the ID14 is lightweight, versatile and truly weather-resistant.

Made entirely in France, the ID14 is a tiny 5-inch cubed Polyurethane enclosure containing a high-powered point source, capable of 116dB (peak) with a frequency response of 120Hz – 20kHz. Measuring 130mm x 130mm x 120mm, and weighing in at 1.7kg, the dual concentric design features a coaxial 4-inch LF driver with 1.3-inch voice coil, and a 1.4-inch diaphragm for the HF. ID14 is offered with two directivity options: a 100×100 horn as standard, with an asymmetric alternative offering 90×140 dispersion.

This super-compact speaker provides an extremely powerful point source that can be used standalone or in a distributed system, for front fill, infill or delays.  Available in black, white or any RAL colour, ID14 will be of especial interest to the installation sector. It can serve as a creative tool for those solving architectural challenges in historic buildings, and also suit those with a need for unobtrusive high-power performance, such as houses of worship, airports, hotels and the hospitality industry. The ID14 is also expected to prove popular for surround sound and FX applications, and is the perfect tool for creating thrilling and immersive audio in even the most complex environments.

There are two versions of the ID14, which share the same acoustic components. The Installation version features an acoustic fabric fitted front grille, and there is a cable gland with 2-core cable for audio input, offering IP55 protection. The Touring version of the ID14 uses a Magnelis steel grille, and the back plate holds two Speakon connectors.

The ID S108 is the purpose-designed companion subbass cabinet for the ID14, and together they create an extremely compact high-power 3-way system, ideal for small clubs and bars. Using a high efficiency bass-reflex design, the ID S108 features a long excursion 8-inch Neodymium driver precisely tuned to match the frequency response of the ID14. Like the ID14, the ID S108 is available in touring or installation versions, in black, white or custom colours on request.

There is a comprehensive range of accessories to allow use of the ID14 in a wide variety of applications. The ID14 has a dedicated U bracket, but it can also be installed on a microphone stand. On the rear of the speaker, two M6 inserts (73mm pitch) are ready for the NEXO accessories for wall-mount applications. Because ID14 has a fully symmetric design, there are no left or right versions: every unit in rental inventory can be the same.

The recommended amplification solution is the NXAMP4x1Mk2 Powered TDController, which can power up to 4x ID14s per channel. A dedicated set-up for each directivity is available on the NXAMP, ensuring perfect coverage at any frequency. Additionally, the DTDAMP4x0.7, paired with a DTDcontroller, can power up to 2x ID14s per channel.

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