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Object-Based Binaural Compositions With L-Acoustics

L-ISA Studio 2.4 now provides free immersive mixing on any pair of headphones


23 March 2022

L-Acoustics have expanded the spatial sound possibilities for music creators with the launch of the L-ISA Studio software suite. A creative tool for sound designers, producers, and mixing engineers, L-ISA Studio accesses the versatility of L-Acoustics L-ISA technology, making it possible for sound creators to design immersive audio portably. Through L-ISA Studio’s binaural engine, users can create and monitor spatialised audio content from their laptop, using headphones and optional head tracking. L-ISA Studio software accepts up to 96 audio objects and sends 12 audio outputs to any soundcard. All binaural capabilities within L-ISA Studio are now free for an unlimited time.

Developed to improve the workflow and creative potential of sound creators, L-ISA Studio interfaces with leading digital audio workstations, show control software, and gaming engines. It also offers compatibility with various 3D audio formats, including Dolby Atmos and other multi-channel configurations. In the paid version, engineers and creators can deploy L-ISA Studio in any multichannel mixing or recording studio with up to 12 loudspeakers for multichannel monitoring. Pre-production can be done with the L-ISA Studio software suite for live productions, then transferred to a venue configuration using the L-ISA Processor.

L-Acoustics further expands access to L-ISA Studio, adding unlimited free binaural output capability. The Mac compatible software as the free version, with binaural capability, and the subscription version of L-ISA Studio are available from the L-Acoustics website. Discounts are available for students enrolled in qualified audio engineer programs.

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Issue 26