ONELAN Transforming Room Booking with New Reserva Edge Solution


26 June 2019

ONELAN has launched a dedicated digital room booking solution Reserva Edge, bringing a new level of ergonomic design and performance to the product range, with step change improvements in security, management, monitoring and functionality.

Reserva Edge features an innovative industrial design based on feedback from partners and customers, delivering a product with the fit and finish befitting the most prestigious buildings and interior designs. It features a portrait orientated, tilted touchscreen interface with edge to edge glass, anti-finger print coating, fully concealed cables and connectors, clear LED status illumination inside and outside the room, and an optional fully integrated ID card reader.

Uniquely for room signage, Reserva Edge is built upon ONELAN’s leading Net-Top-Box (NTB) digital signage operating system, meaning the room signs can be managed remotely and centrally from ONELAN’s Content Management System. Reserva Edge is a comprehensive communications platform with multizone layout design, and extensive playlist and scheduling controls. 

Furthermore, ONELAN’s proprietary Linux based operating system brings additional security benefits for organisations and means the full software stack can be updated remotely over the network.

In addition, the adoption of Intel technology delivers optimum performance and responsiveness for the device. 

Reserva Edge is available in a 10-inch screen size. 15-inch and 22-inch standard screen models are available which also benefit from the same enhanced NTB platform as Reserva Edge.

ONELAN: onelan.com
Australian Distributor: www.videopro.co.nz


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