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17 October 2017

Due to increased demand across many market verticals, Osprey Video has ramped up production of its USB Video Bridge line of stand-alone video-capture devices. The line contains three models, all of which let users capture uncompressed video and embedded audio to PCs or other USB 3.0-equipped devices used for broadcast-quality streaming. Besides the units’ driverless operation and automatic functionality, an industry-first top-mounted display aids control and monitoring.

“As expectations for streaming get higher in all markets — from broadcast to pro AV — we heeded the call with small, affordable, plug-and-play devices that don’t skimp on quality or reliability. The demand for those devices was even higher than we anticipated, so we’re once again giving the market what it needs,” said Scott Whitcomb, business development manager at Osprey Video. “The USB 3.0 Video Bridge units fill the gap between consumer products and those used in professional, mission-critical applications, so everyone from major broadcasters to governments, corporations, and educators can stream top-grade video from USB 3.0 devices with Osprey Video’s renowned dependability.”

The USB Video Bridge suits a wide variety of use cases. For example, broadcasters can use Video Bridge devices in their streaming operations to connect to switching software such as vMix or Wirecast. Organisations that stream conferences can input a 1080p60 signal into a laptop for use by Skype, Zoom, or other conferencing software. In other streaming scenarios, users can send signals through the USB Video Bridge into laptop software that connects directly to services such as Facebook, YouTube, and Wowza Cloud for full-featured internet broadcasting.

The cross-platform USB Video Bridge is UAC/UVC-compliant, meaning that in most Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X applications, there’s no need to download a driver — a quality that makes it truly plug-and-play. UAC/UVC support is also included in some of the latest Android devices. USB Video Bridge communicates directly with users’ encoding applications to configure scaling and frame-rate conversion automatically. Users can also override the software settings and configure the unit manually using the device’s unique top-mounted LCD and control interface — a first in this product category. The screen also displays the status of video input and output.

The compact USB Video Bridge devices are portable and easy to set up. Any facility with laptops and cameras can add a USB Video Bridge at minimal cost, with no need for additional PCs or PCIe cards.

Osprey’s USB Video Bridge is available now starting at $339. It comes in three versions: The VB-US captures 3G-SDI; the VB-USL captures 3G-SDI and includes an SDI loopout connector; and the VB-UH captures HDMI. All models work seamlessly with Osprey’s Ceylon video-capture/live-streaming software at no cost.

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