Panasonic Solutions Showcase

Panasonic’s AV Division uses Integrate to launch range of exciting new products.


29 August 2017

Panasonic Australia will use Integrate 2017 to showcase its expanding display solutions – from new innovations that enhance the guest experience at mass-audience venues; to solutions for the retail space; and new proaducts that bring the benefits of laser and 4K technology within the budget of classrooms and lecture theatres.

The PT-MZ670 Series of projectors, the company’s first 3LCD Solid Shine laser range, brings the brightness and long-life performance benefits of this technology within the budget of installations in small- to mid-sized meeting rooms, classrooms, and lecture theatres. The top of the range PT-MZ670 will be available in November priced at $9,999RRP, making it one of the most versatile and cost-effective projection solutions in its class.

Other developments in projection technology include the PT-RZ21K Series. Available in December, this is a game changing addition to Panasonic’s staging laser projector lineup, with class-leading colour performance, continuous operation and compact size providing the ultimate flexibility for large venues. 

“Panasonic is committed to providing solutions that help customers enhance their guest and stakeholder experience, with industry-leading performance, versatility and efficiency, regardless of the intended application,” said Peter Huljich, General Manager, Media and Entertainment, Panasonic Australia.  “As the marketplace evolves with greater demands, Panasonic is well-positioned to meet its customers’ needs today, tomorrow, and well into in the future.”

Panasonic Australia: www.panasonic.com.au

Series 3-Chip DLP Laser Projector

A game-changing addition to Panasonic’s SOLID SHINE Laser projector lineup, the PT-RZ21K Series delivers 20,000 lumens and 20,000:1 contrast ratio in WUXGA (PT-RZ21K) or SXGA+ (PT-RS20K) resolution for exceptional picture quality. Incorporating the latest 3-Chip DLP™ technology and proprietary image processing engines assure class-leading colour performance, white balance accuracy, motion handling and more. Equipped with an efficient cooling system and new filter-free design, stable and continuous operation during mission critical applications is made possible making the PT-RZ21K Series an ideal projection solution for rental, staging and large venue installations.


PT-JX200 Space Player Laser Projector

The revolutionary 2000 lumen 1-Chip DLP™ Space Player laser projector allows you to blend video, stills, graphics, and text-based digital signage with multiple spotlighting effects in virtually any combination desired, to create engaging, projected visuals. Perfect for retail signage, museums, restaurants and more. 


ET-CUK10 Series Auto Screen Adjustment Kit

Panasonic’s ET-CUK10 Auto Screen Adjustment software kit for DLP projectors dramatically reduces installation time and cost for multi or curved screen installations, by eliminating the need for grid-by-grid content alignment. Saves on installation time and costs, and can also set up multiple projectors automatically and simultaneously.


TH-75BQE1 Interactive 4K Touch Panel

Panasonic is making dynamic presentations affordable for companies and schools. The new TH-75BQE1 75-inch 4K UHD Direct-LED display gains deep versatility when interfaced with free downloadable Panasonic Whiteboard Software. Write and draw; import, modify, and resave PowerPoint® files; Video- and screen-capture functions;  and more. .

QUT’s The Cube was upgraded with a fleet of PT-RZ670 projectors, and now features four Panasonic PT-RQ13K 4K laser systems.


Panasonic is well-positioned to meet its customers' needs today, tomorrow, and well into in the future.

Peter Huljich,
General Manager, Media & Entertainment

LCD Laser Projector

The PT-MZ670 Series of installation projectors are Panasonic’s first 3LCD products to feature the acclaimed SOLID SHINE Laser Phosphor light-source technology. The series comprises four compact 3LCD lens-interchangeable models, the PT-MZ670 (6500 lumens ANSI) and PT-MZ570 (5,500 lumens ANSI), both with WUXGA resolution, and the PT-MW630 (6500 lumens ANSI) and PT-MW530 (5,500 lumens ANSI) with WXGA resolution. The projectors meet consumer demand for high-brightness solutions combining the affordability of 3LCD with the long-term cost-savings of SOLID SHINE Laser.


4K Daisy Chain LCD Video Wall

The new LFV8 Series LCD video wall range offers the ability to display 4K images in a 2×2 configuration and larger using DisplayPort. Available  in 49 (450-nit) and 55 inches (500-nit), the displays have native 4K-capable DisplayPort inputs and outputs. When installed in a 2×2 configuration across the four Full HD panels, the result is a single, film-like 4K (3840 x 2160/30p) video image..


AW-HR140 Outdoor IP65 PTZ Camera

The AW-HR140 integrated outdoor IP64 pan/tilt/zoom FHD remote camera is designed for extreme and challenging outdoor environments, featuring a built-in wiper and defroster combined with a thermally designed chassis. The camera is network enabled with multi-channel live streaming and control all over IP. 


360-Degree Live Camera System 

The 360-degree Live Camera System AW-360C10 and AW-360B10 (Camera Head / Base Unit), generates industry-standard 2:1 equirectangular format 360-degree seamless video by real-time live stitching the output of four cameras, giving the viewer the sense of immersion in a variety of scenes, such as live broadcasts of sports, concerts and other stadium events.


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