29 April 2016


The Roger Earpiece system brings the benefits of Phonak’s Roger digital audio platform into the studio. Weighing just 1.8g, it’s a minuscule speaker that’s designed to sit comfortably inside the ear canal, virtually invisible to cameras. And there’s no need for cables or belt packs thanks to its integrated receiver and battery.

The Roger Earpiece has an audio frequency bandwidth of 100Hz-7kHz and SPL output of up to 100dB. It uses Phonak’s proprietary technology and license-free 2.4GHz band with adaptive frequency hopping to avoid interference, and functions up to a 40m range. Along with its companion products the Roger Base Station and Roger Touchscreen Mic, the Roger Earpiece is designed to provide a complete plug-and-play platform with one-press connection and flexibility to configure transmissions from single or multiple sources as required.

“The launch of the Roger Earpiece system is a magical moment for us, and I am sure it will be a magical moment for our customers as well — it is the fruit of years of research and development, and brings our advanced audio transmission technology into the production studio. As formats from news to quizzes to late-night talk shows have become ever-more dynamic, fast-moving and unpredictable, the need for a reliable, comfortable and discreet in-ear receiver has never been greater,” said Evert Dijkstra, Managing Director Phonak Communications AG, Murten/Switzerland.

More Info:
Roger Studio: www.roger-studio.com
Phonak Australia: www.phonak.com/au


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