19 October 2016


PAcalculate, the multi-platform Android/iOS/Windows Phone/Blackberry app for live sound engineers, is being sponsored by Powersoft. Developed by Brusi Acoustics, PAcalculate is a useful tool for anyone dealing with PA, pro audio, and even lighting. It contains many calculations, utilities and reference information.

Explaining the sponsorship decision, Francesco Fanicchi, Powersoft’s Brand & Communications director, said, “We have decided to implement our brand on the app, by focusing on a dedicated session regarding the Powersoft limiter thresholds.”

This Powersoft tool has been developed to help users set a starting point for a limiter setup, performing real life tests to validate and tune the results. To use this tool, users simply need to select AES power, Nominal Impedance, Safety Level of speakers, and the consequent result will enable them to set a maximum voltage.

Since these limiters follow specific Powersoft criteria, the company has added a description to emphasise that correct limiting requires at least two stages in series. The first is a slow-reaction time to RMS level, designed to behave as thermal protection for the voice coil. The second, with faster time constants, is set to protect the transducer from excessive voltage peaks and therefore from mechanical damage. Finally, there is the optional Clip Limiter (Powersoft X and Ottocanali Series) with a zero-attack time and look-ahead. It is designed to set maximum voltage, which should never be crossed without adding distortion.

José Brusi, who developed the app, said, “I hold the Powersoft brand in very high esteem for its constant innovation, both inside and outside of their comfort zone, so it’s great to see Powersoft as a sponsor of PAcalculate and join the ever growing community of users across the different platforms.”

More Info:
Powersoft: www.powersoft.com
Australian Distributor: www.pavt.com.au


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