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Primacoustic Paintable Room Kit

Paintable sound absorption solution for small applications for improving acoustics of boardrooms, classrooms and home offices


9 September 2021

Excessive ambient noise can be a distraction and negatively impact a situation, whether it’s in a social, professional, or learning environment. The Primacoustic Clarity Acoustic Room Kit helps improve acoustic performance in rooms up to 11 square metres, or larger using multiple kits, where sound absorption is required.

To improve intelligibility for conference and video calls, these paintable panels are made from high-density (96 kg/m3) glass wool, offering nearly five times greater absorption than many foam alternatives. Ideal for a home office, boardroom or meeting room applications, the Clarity Acoustic Room Kit is also suitable for classrooms and other teaching spaces.

The Clarity Acoustic Room Kit is designed to provide more absorption with fewer panels, while ensuring the absorption curve remains even throughout the frequency range. The Primacoustic panels help address the issue of flutter echo common in rooms with lots of hard surfaces, such as conference spaces and boardrooms, with high density panels helping to minimise sound bouncing back and forth between walls.

For small spaces, the broadband absorption panels help remove echo and unwanted reflections within the room. When used for larger room applications it enables the speaker to be heard more clearly from any position within the space, which is ideal for classrooms and conference presentations.

Each panel is coated with a breathable white latex finish that can be painted, or printed using commercial flatbed UV printers to suit the space where it is being installed. Primacoustic panels also meet AS/NZS 1530.3-1999 for flame spread and smoke density and do no ignite.

Including six control cube panels, six control column panels and mounting hardware, install the Clarity Room Kit panels evenly across all walls, with placement taking into account the purpose of the room and its usual arrangement.

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Issue 26