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11 August 2014


The Mac Pro is a powerful computer but its sleek and circular design is often compared to a dust bin or (in some memes) Darth Vader’s helmet.  Despite its power it doesn’t easily fit on a rack and remain there securely, especially when it has multiple cords running in and out.

JMR believes it has the answer with its new ProBracket, a racking system that enables you to easily mount and protect your new Mac Pro investment under a desk, aside a desk pedestal, to a wall, or into a rack cabinet.

The range allows for convenient mounting with I-O ports readily available or hidden, cable management and secure integrated straps that hold the computer in place, along with rubber gasketed “cradles” that protects from vibration and scratches. The brackets look tidy, with a black gloss powder coating over 18 gauge galvanised steel.

Source: media release

Mac Pro-Probracket video: watch

JMR ProBracket: www.jmr.com/public/jmr.probrack.php

Australian distributor:
Adimex: (02) 9431 6060 or www.adimex.com.au



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