qsc cxd-q network processing amplifiers
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6 June 2017

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qsc cxd-q network processing amplifiers

QSC introduces the CXD-Q and CXD-Qn eight-channel network processing amplifiers. Designed specifically for integration with the Q-SYS Platform, the amplifiers can take advantage of a ‘whole system’ design philosophy where they can be configured and managed like all other elements of a Q-SYS system. The CXD-Q Series also features the QSC-exclusive Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology (FAST), which enables the ability to combine up to four channels for higher output power — all with optimal energy and rack space efficiency.

“The release of an eight channel version of our popular CDX-Q Series amplifiers is a natural progression of our amplifier portfolio,” said Dale Sandberg, QSC Senior Product Manager. “We built on the four-channel platform to create a more robust design and implementation. Combined with the power of Q-SYS, the CXD-Q amplifiers act as peripherals to any Q-SYS design to utilise the platform’s superior audio routing, processing and control.”

The amps are capable of providing up to 8000W peak and 5000W continuous with low-Z, 70V or 100V direct drive available on all channels. The ‘Q’ models offer eight channels mic/line input directly on the back of the amplifiers acting as a Q-SYS on-ramp for additional amplification. The analogue inputs have been removed on the ‘Qn’ models, which help reduce system cost when a purely networked amplifier is needed. Both models include eight bi-directional GPIO connections that can be used for analogue or digital inputs or outputs to/from the Q-SYS Platform.

The eight-channel CXD-Q Series models are housed in a space-efficient 2U rack unit. All CXD-Q Series amplifiers also include built-in energy saving modes.

QSC: www.qsc.com
Australian Distributor: www.tag.com.au


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