23 January 2017


QSC has announced the new Q-Sys Core 510i Integrated Core Processor for the Q-Sys platform. The new 510i core leverages the latest Intel platform using a QSC-developed Linux real-time operating system for powerful audio, video and control solutions. The Core 510i offers the most flexible audio I/O configuration options of any other Q-Sys processor, with card-based I/O as well as native Q-LAN network channel and AES67 capabilities. It’s ideal for applications that require a diverse mixture of analogue, digital and networked audio connectivity. The Q-Sys Core 510i can be deployed in two modes. Q-Sys Core mode handles all AVC processing including extensive resources for built-in acoustic echo cancellation and more. Secondly, I/O Frame mode supports up to 128 x 128 audio channels as an I/O peripheral into the Q-Sys system for processing on a separate Q-Sys Core processor. It can accomodate any combination of Q-Sys Type-II I/O cards including Dante, CobraNet, AVB, and more.

QSC: www.qsc.com
Australian Distributor: www.tag.com.au


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