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QSC Introduces Several New Control Plugins for the Q-SYS Ecosystem


14 June 2019

QSC announces the availability of several new control plugins, allowing for faster integration of Zoom Rooms, Roku devices, PJLink-capable projectors, Mersive Solstice Pods, and Global Cache iTach devices with the Q-SYS Ecosystem. Programmers can quickly and easily download and install any of these new plugins through the Q-SYS Asset Manager portal within Q-SYS Designer Software.

“With the flexibility of the Q-SYS Ecosystem and the Asset Manager, we are now able to expedite new plugin development without waiting for a new Q-SYS Designer Software release,” says Greg Mattson, Product Manager, Q-SYS Control, QSC. “This allows integrators to take advantage of custom plugins for some of the most commonly used devices and platforms in today’s meeting rooms, and expedite the integration process while taking advantage of the award-winning audio, video & control (AV&C) capabilities found in Q-SYS.”

The Q-SYS Control Zoom Rooms plugin unifies the end user experience by placing native Zoom Rooms web conferencing controls alongside Q-SYS in-room controls. This allows users to eliminate a separate Zoom Rooms controller and utilise a single, native Q-SYS touch screen to control all elements of the meeting. In addition, the plugin comes with a pre-made UCI template that emulates the look and feel of the Zoom Rooms GUI, but also provides the integrator with full customisation options. This reduces unnecessary hardware and provides a cohesive web conferencing system with a consistent user interface across any enterprise.

Mattson continues, “This plugin answers the calls of both end users and integrators. It aims to ease the end user anxiety associated with starting and controlling a meeting by providing a single room control that emulates the Zoom desktop experience.  We also understand that every organisation might have specific needs for their meeting room, and built the plugin to allow integrators to customise the customer experience beyond what is offered in the UCI template.” 

Other newly available Q-SYS Control plugins include:

  • The Q-SYS Control Roku plugin can discover any Roku streaming device or Roku TV on the network, and offers full Roku remote and advanced channel section capabilities.
  • The PJLink plugin can be used to control and monitor any PJLink-capable projector.
  • The Mersive Solstice plugin supports integration with Solstice Pod generations 2.0 and 3.0.
  • The Global Cache Control Tower plugin is an update and now supports the ability to import IR files created using Global Cache’s iLearn utility.

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Issue 28