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QSC Meeting Room Solutions for Zoom Rooms

Confidently expand Zoom Rooms experience into high value spaces with new flexible and scalable Q-SYS Platforms


9 July 2021

QSC announces new Meeting Room Solutions, which have been fully certified for use with Zoom Rooms. QSC has worked with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. and Q-SYS Ecosystem partner Sennheiser to create a solution that lowers integration complexity and allows users to easily scale their Zoom Rooms deployment in high value spaces, while providing an intuitive and consistent user experience.

The QSC Meeting Room Solutions for Zoom Rooms centres around the Q-SYS Core 8 Flexprocessor, which uniquely combines audio, video and control capabilities into a single integrated appliance. It also includes the QSC SPA Series two- and four-channel power amplifiers and the QSC AcousticDesign Series AD-C4T ceiling loudspeaker delivering unmatched sonic fidelity and ease of installation. QSC and Sennheiser have also partnered to include the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2) microphone, which integrates seamlessly with Q-SYS via a control plugin.

“Our new solutions, offered with Zoom and Sennheiser, make it easier than ever to integrate a Zoom Rooms system into high value spaces,” says Jason Moss, Vice President Alliances & Ecosystem, QSC. “Our system delivers a fully networked and managed AV&C infrastructure to Zoom Rooms via a single USB connection. Furthermore, with the software-based foundation of Q-SYS, users now have the flexibility to expand and manage their AV investment well into the future.”

“The QSC and Sennheiser partnership takes the guesswork out of integrating Q-SYS and the TCC2 into any high value Zoom Rooms space,” says Charlie Jones, Global Alliance & Partnership Manager at Sennheiser. “With the available TCC2 plugin for Q-SYS, admins can easily configure the TCC2 microphone within Q-SYS Designer Software, and monitor and manage it in Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager.”

“QSC has been a staple in our Zoom ProAV designs for years,” says Shane Springer, Solutions Architect with Zoom. “With this new certification, QSC brings complete solutions that work together by design to enable flex spaces, classrooms, boardrooms, all-hands spaces, lecture halls and more.”

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