29 March 2014

RCF Mixers


Check out the picture above – no, not the monitor speakers or the big screen. Fading off into the distance are a new range of RCF mixers. RCF historically hasn’t had a lot to offer for the other end of the multicore, but has now announced its new “Mixer Division” starting with no less than nine forthcoming models of compact mixers – as if the industry needed yet more small format, analogue consoles. Actually, in the official blurbs RCF acknowledges the market is “crowded” and its L-Pad series of consoles will have to offer something extra to make a mark, so it’ll be interesting to see how RCF addresses this. These first nine models are just the first in a planned wide development of RCF’s mixer products and we should see some digital RCF consoles at the beginning of next year. Otherwise, information and technical data on the L-Pads is a little hard to come by unless you happened to be wandering past RCF’s Prolight + Sound booth – even pictures of the desks are scarce (obviously). No doubt, that will change now that the big announcement has been made. However, right now the cupboard is bare at www.rcf.it  Keep checking back.

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