Issue 27

Renkus-Heinz UBX Series

Beam-steering technology, now in a passive column.


6 February 2023

The UBX Series from Renkus-Heinz delivers the precise coverage, high intelligibility, and renowned sound quality of the flagship ICONYX loudspeakers into the realm of passive column arrays. New for the UBX Series is its Passive UniBeam Technology which addresses each transducer with specially designed all-pass filter networks, gain shading, and additional frequency filtering in order to generate an asymmetrical vertical dispersion with constant directivity, delivering consistent front-to-back coverage with minimal side-lobe artefacts.

The UBX Series utilises state of the art neodymium 3-inch Full-Range drivers which allow for an incredibly small footprint. The narrow cabinet, combined with Passive UniBeam coverage, allows for plumb surface mounting via the included wall mount bracket, resulting in the least possible architectural intrusion. All models in the UBX Series are weather resistant (IP64) out of the box with the included gland nut protected input cover, and feature high quality audio transformers for 70V/100V constant voltage operation in large, distributed audio systems.

The UBX Series of passive column loudspeakers delivers consistent coverage and superior speech intelligibility in a wide range of applications. Tight vertical dispersion and high directivity provide excellent performance in high-traffic areas such as transportation corridors and retail operations. Their slender, unobtrusive cabinets can be mounted plumb to the wall, ensuring the loudspeakers blend smoothly into any space.

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Issue 27