Resorts World Las Vegas: Networking

Part Four: Q-SYS supports massive AV-over-IP network.


12 September 2022

The Resorts World Las Vegas team needed a software that allowed for open collaboration with a myriad of third-party solution providers. With an installation of this size, the team required customer service that provided informed, personalised attention. In the midst of Resorts World Las Vegas construction, the Resorts World Las Vegas team collaborated in a strategic partnership with Technology West Group, who designed and implemented the overall AV system and property-wide network specifications. Their involvement ran the gamut in everything from sourcing additional partners to troubleshooting potential issues in the final days before opening. 


The end result was a gigantic AV-over-IP network that comprised of over 2,000 endpoints encompassing almost every area of the property, and estimated to be the largest of its kind. Richard Reisig, Vice President of Technology West Group explains the scope, “The Resorts World Las Vegas network consists of over 2,000 Visionary Solution endpoints — including video, Dante, DMX channels — and 2,000 Q-SYS audio channels, designed to supply one gigabit of bandwidth to any location on the property with virtually no latency. This is truly a groundbreaking installation.”


A key component to the structural success of a project of this magnitude is the open architecture offered by Q-SYS Open as well as Q-SYS partner Visionary Solutions. Having developed multiple plugins, Visionary Solutions endpoints coordinate seamlessly with the Q-SYS platform, making the combination an ideal partnership to act as the Resorts World Las Vegas network foundation. This system is so comprehensive that one could network content from anywhere, to anywhere, including suites, meeting rooms or the 100,000 square foot LED screen building display illuminating the Strip. “The open relationship between the Q-SYS Platform and the Visionary Solutions was a complete game-changer for the project,” says Reisig.


In his role as the network architect, Reisig helmed many of the troubleshooting queries that inevitably arise in a large-scale installation. During this process, he discovered how Q-SYS does things differently. “The support is one of the great stories of Q-SYS — it’s very rare now in the industry that you have a great product matched up with great support. Most alternatives have good products but no support whatsoever.” The result was a successful grand opening that amazed patrons and caught the attention of the global AV community.


Resorts World Las Vegas acts as proof manifest of the values Q-SYS has prioritised over the past decades. Requirements increasingly demand the power of diverse ecosystem of network AV providers, and having standards-based protocols and open integration avenues for the different means by which a system might be constructed is pivotal. While Resorts World Las Vegas is a flagship example, installations of all sizes are now building toward this vision, with Q-SYS supporting their way.

Q-SYS: qsys.com
Technology West Group: techwg.com
Resorts World Las Vegas: rwlasvegas.com
Australian Distributor: tag.com.au

Las Vegas has long been famous as a destination of luxury and adventure, no more so than on the glittering Las Vegas Strip. With a high standard already set, Resorts World Las Vegas entered the race and immediately made their presence known as the first integrated resort to be built on the Strip in over a decade. Containing a seamless blend of technology and elegance, the construction was ambitious: two towers, over 3,500 rooms, and multiple dining and event experiences, not to mention the massive casino floor itself. 

To achieve this the Resorts World Las Vegas team selected four different contract partners to work toward their ultimate vision, each centred around their own area of the installation: luxury suites, event spaces, common areas and network architecture.

In Part Four of this case study, learn about the scope of the full Resorts World Las Vegas installation, and how its cutting-edge network architecture sets the standard for modern AV&C.


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