10 April 2014

Virtual Keypanel For iOS for web


Riedel Communications has unveiled a new app that enables use of compatible iOS, OS X and Android devices as virtual key panels for the company’s Artist digital matrix intercom system allowing users to turn their smart phones and tablets into full-featured 12-key virtual panels for any Artist system. Operating the app’s virtual key panel via the device’s touch-screen interface, users have the same signaling capabilities as they would on Riedel’s 1000 Series wired control panel for Artist systems. Like the wired control panels, the new key panel app can be configured via Riedel’s Director software. To facilitate mobile control over the Artist system through the new app, a VOIP-108 G2 card at the Artist frame converts eight Artist matrix ports into a compressed IP stream. Users can choose between a high-quality mode and a low-traffic mode. The VOIP-108 G2 client card then communicates with the virtual panels via a WAN connection to a wireless network. The app is available for iOS, OS X, and Android devices.

Australian Distributor: Riedel Communications Australia (02) 9699 1199 or www.riedel.net


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