2 February 2017

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Riedel Communications will demonstrated MediorNet MicroN as a decentralised router. MicroN is a high-density distribution network device for Riedel’s MediorNet line of real-time media transport and management solutions. Interconnected MicroN units can be deployed to create a decentralised routing system that distributes signal load, takes advantage of flexible node placements, and eliminates any single point of failure to create a viable alternative to traditional monolithic routers.

The RES-2318 SmartPanel offers features and capabilities that change the way broadcasters and AV professionals communicate. SmartPanel’s feature set includes three high-resolution sunlight-readable, multitouch colour displays, high quality audio, a multilingual character set, and 18 keys in just 1RU.

Tango TNG-200 represents Riedel’s first network-based platform supporting the AES67/RAVENNA and AVB standards. With its own dedicated intercom application, the platform can be turned into a flexible solutions for a variety of communication scenarios. The unit itself is equipped with a high-resolution, full-colour TFT display and intuitive front-panel controls to simplify the recall of presets and audio level adjustment. The Tango TNG-200 features two integrated Riedel digital partylines, two AES67- and AVB-compatible ports, two Ethernet ports, one option slot, and redundant power supplies.

Riedel: www.riedel.net


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