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21 September 2014

Rosco has launched its new four-model Vapour series line of fog and haze machines, reconceived and designed from the ground up to meet the demands of concerts, theatrical productions, theme parks, film sets and photographic studios.


The Vapour is the workhorse of the new line, tailored with features and performance suited to demanding production environments, while the Vapour Plus has been designed specifically to quickly fill large venues and outdoor spaces with dense fog and smoke, but is small enough to mount in a box truss and power from a single mains circuit. The V-Hazer is a rock solid, quiet and reliable haze generator, and the compact Mini-V is the most affordable and easy to use model in the range.

Vapour, Vapour Plus and the V-Hazer share common interchangeable core components such as the detachable remote control and DMX interface, and an air input valve for easy cleaning. Mini-V features simple, hassle-free controls and an energy-efficient, durable heat exchanger.

The new series is just starting to ship and will be available in Australia from October.

Source: media release


Video: Rosco’s Matt DeLong introduces the Vapour Series here

Rosco: www.rosco.com


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