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Samsung All-In-One Kiosk Display

Samsung’s interactive Kiosk is available for preorder in Australia; Contactless Ordering and Payment capabilities


7 July 2021

Samsung Electronics announces the expanded availability of Kiosk, an all-in-one solution offering simultaneous interactive contactless ordering and payment capabilities. Providing customers with easy install options, Kiosk is now available for preorder in 10 countries worldwide, including Australia.

“Kiosks have quickly become a part of everyday life, providing customers with a simple and interactive way to purchase items, while giving businesses an innovative solution to reimagine their environments and increase efficiency,” said Hyesung Ha, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung’s new all-in-one Kiosk is a smart and seamless solution, offering all the right features needed for businesses to maximise their return on investment.”

Available in a stylish grey-white colour, the 24-inch touchscreen display is powered by Samsung’s proven SoC (System on Chip) technology, removing the need for an external PC while delivering powerful and reliable technology. The Kiosk adopts a modular design to provide a variety of payment options, including a fully integrated EMV terminal cradle in addition to barcode, QR code and along with a built-in printer and Wi-Fi system. This all-in-one functionality makes maintenance fast and easy, ensuring minimal business downtime and increasing customer satisfaction.

The Kiosk is suitable for virtually any business environment with a variety of installation options. Firstly, the countertop type can be installed on various counters or tables within a store, without the need for any additional construction, saving time, money and space. When installed with a stand, it can be positioned anywhere within a store due to the detachable functionality of the stand, integrating with any interior design. The Kiosk can also be wall-mounted to maximise space savings.

In addition, the display is covered with a shatter protective film, designed for customer safety by ensuring that glass doesn’t shatter in the event of a break.

The Kiosk uses three-layer security protection powered by Samsung Knox technology, designed to protect its hardware, payment platform and application, as well as customer information, against external threats such as hacking. It also supports application development on the secured platform through a Linux-based open-source operating system, powered by Tizen, providing high compatibility and supporting web standard technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS), so developers can easily create a variety of software applications that can be used on the Kiosk.

Software developers interested in creating solutions for the Samsung Kiosk can get information by visiting This site provides free and easy access to the Tizen developer kit. To date, more than 10 partners have also joined the Tizen Kiosk ecosystem, creating and developing unique solutions for contactless ordering and payment.

With the MagicINFO Remote Management feature, store management can improve efficiency by identifying any issues in real-time and taking necessary measures when a problem occurs. Remote control capabilities enable the diagnosis of issues and remote control of essential functions such as switching the screen on and off.

Samsung Kiosk is currently available in South Korea and will be available in 10 countries, including Australia beginning July 2021.


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