Shure Wireless KSM11

New Condenser Microphone Capsule


20 April 2022

As modern live stages have transitioned to digital technology, the KSM11 Wireless Condenser Microphone Capsule was developed to take advantage of the increased linearity available via digital signal chains. Providing equal signal output across the frequency range, the cardioid KSM11 capsule delivers a balance of low end, mid-range, and high-end detail, plus extended off-axis rejection. 


  • Proprietary wireless condenser capsule utilising a ¾” gold diaphragm
  • Deep cardioid polar pattern to reduce off-axis phase distortion for focused vocal reproduction
  • A smaller, lighter capsule footprint when compared to typical wireless capsules
  • Improved suspended isolation system for virtually zero handling noise
  • Dent-resistant hardened steel grille with 3-stage plosive reduction pop filtering for artefact-free vocals

The microphone offers engineers a precise presentation of wireless vocal performance to build mixes around meaning that sessions can be EQ’ed by choice, not by default.

Available in black or nickel finish, compatible with all Shure wireless handheld transmitters with interchangeable microphone capsules.  

Shure: shure.com
Australian Distributor: jands.com.au


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