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18 December 2013



Techconnect Select is a simple collaboration device that avoids the sort of inconvenience encountered, such as at a meeting, where attendees pass a cable around to connect to a projector. The Techconnect Select is an HDMI dongle which fits to an HDMI cable, and plugs into your laptop. When a user is ready to share their screen they just press the SELECT button on the dongle. The Techconnect Select sends a control signal back down the HDMI cable to the HDMI switcher which is hidden out of sight. It only work’s with Vision’s HDMI switcher which accepts up to four inputs, but any HDMI cable can be used. No software is required and it is a very straightforward device to use. The Techconnect Select works with iPads.

Australian Distributor: Vision Audio Visual stuart.lockhart@visionaudiovisual.com


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