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New sound for Shure with firmware 2.5.


19 October 2022

The recently released Stem Ecosystem firmware version 2.5 is the result of extensive measurement and calibration in its certified acoustic labs at Shure HQ. It delivers substantial improvements in acoustical performance and audio quality with significantly improved clarity, more consistent speech levels, and enhanced intelligibility for a more natural communication experience.

The ecosystem is comprised of six hardware components that can be paired with the robust Stem Ecosystem platform software to provide anyone with an audio solution that can be customised and installed by in-house IT teams with ease. With the addition of this new and improved audio update, Stem is taking the meeting experience up a notch by giving IT managers everywhere an effortless option for outstanding conference room audio.

“In recent firmware updates, we improved the installation and setup experience of Stem solutions and the reliability of products already in the field. This new update provides substantial improvements in acoustical performance and audio quality,” says Luis Guerra Associate Director, of Global Product Management for the Stem Ecosystem at Shure.

Drawing on nearly a century of best-in-class audio equipment engineering, Shure has extensively tuned and refined Stem audio components in certified acoustic labs at Shure headquarters, yielding significant improvements in clarity, more consistent speech levels, and enhanced intelligibility for a more natural and transparent communication experience. 

“We care about enabling our customers to create meeting spaces where they don’t even have to think about the audio because it just works, regardless of the environment,” explains Guerra. “We are confident that the enhanced audio performance featured in this update will have an encouraging and positive impact on our customer’s experiences in their meeting spaces.” 

Device Specific Updates


  • Improved array performance, sensitivity, and sound quality to yield better pickup of voices and better rejection of room noise and reverberation. The result is clear voice reproduction for all participants within the coverage area
  • Readjusted pickup pattern to better match customer selection for Narrow, Medium, and Wide beams


  • Adjusted the device’s playback speaker levels and tone for high-quality reproduction of both speech and other program material resulting in increased intelligibility during calls and more pleasant use of the system
  • Tuned the microphone array for better tonality and voice pickup resulting in better site interaction during meetings


  • Calibrated woofer and tweeter levels as well as crossover frequency resulting in great improvement on playback sound quality
  • Balanced device output level with the rest of the ecosystem for even coverage in rooms with multiple Stem audio components


  • Fine-tuned playback and microphone pickup resulting in improved double-talk performance and a better experience for meeting participants

Additional Improvements:

  • Improvements on echo canceller, providing enhanced double-talk performance, for better interaction between conference sites
  • System sounds, such as push-button chime level, were reduced for a more pleasant experience

Shure Conferencing & Meetings: shure.com
Australian Distributor: jands.com.au


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