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17 January 2018

Symetrix has released the latest version of its Composer programming software for Edge, Radius, Prism, and Solus NX DSPs. In addition to DSP design, Composer v6.0 for Windows natively configures the setup and routing of Symetrix Dante I/O expanders, along with select third-party Dante devices. With Composer, integrators can program a complete end-to-end DSP signal path using just one application.

Composer 6.0 adds many new Dante-related workflow enhancements and other features for Symetrix DSPs. Previously, Composer was always in control of Dante configuration and routing, so changes made outside of Composer would not be preserved. With version 6.0, programming devices’ Dante interface in the Site File is now optional, accommodating users who rely on Dante Controller or another external means of network audio routing during daily operation.

In addition, Composer now optionally synchronises changes made to the system in Dante Controller with the Site File for archiving or for use as a new baseline configuration. The system also can now be programmed to not restore the default Dante configuration and routing, preserving changes made in Dante Controller through system power cycles. Users can configure and route with Composer, with Dante Controller, or with a hybrid of the two, as system design and use cases dictate.

If it speaks Dante, it can be added to your Site File with Composer 6.0. Composer can obtain information about channel counts, channel names, device name, manufacturer, and model directly from the device over the network. Symetrix or third-party manufacturers can distribute XML databases of known units for import into Composer, and users can manually define a unit. Some XML databases of third-party products are included.

Dante firmware version 4.x poises Symetrix for the upcoming support of Audinate’s Dante Domain Manager. In addition, Symetrix DSP units can now receive and transmit AES67 network audio empowering users with an unparalleled level of compatibility and interoperability to leverage Symetrix DSPs with greater flexibility and fewer restrictions. Composer 6.0 also detects and displays the lock status of a Dante device.

Network audio Transmit and Receive objects in Composer are no longer tied directly to a set of Dante channels. Their use has been virtualised, expanded, and made more generic. Flow management is now handled automatically, without user interaction or management. Buses now accommodate more than one network audio technology.

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Issue 28